- About Us -

Welcome to Firstmaid – our mission is to build a community of pharmaceutical products from around the world to help people identify the right medication while traveling. At home we are so knowledgeable when deciding what products to use; while trusting the pharmacists that recommend us those products. But when we are overseas, we are left without the required information to help understand what we are buying. It’s so easy to walk into to a pharmacy and not know what you’re about to purchase. Our aim is to provide our users with the information that enables them to comparing those foreign products with their home brands.

Every day we are sourcing products from around the world and constantly updating our website. We want to reach as many people as we can and our goal is to ensure everyone in the world can use our service. On our site you will find numerous products that all users can look through when comparing medicine. We provide everyone with the tools to easily find and compare the items they require, read what others have said and share their own experiences.

Firstmaid provides users with a data driven experience that ensures there is never a point in time where they can’t find the appropriate information – and if not, we hope that we can fill that void!